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Sacred Hoop Journey: Healing of the Nations l – lll

Sacred Hoop Journey: Healing of the Nations l – lll


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This 40 minute video documents the Journeys of the Sacred Hoop in 1999 and 2000. In 1999 White Bison carried the Sacred Hoop to thirty tribal colleges throughout the United States and Canada. The purpose of this journey was to introduce the concept of Wellbriety: sober living and wellness, plus a life that is balanced emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Wellbriety for Adults and Youth Booklets can be purchased to go with this tape.

In 2000, The Sacred Hoop was carried on a 3800 mile walking journey by a core group of 25 dedicated people from Los Angeles to Washington DC. The theme of this journey was the “Wiping of the Tears”-- which is an important step in reentering the Circle of Life. Over 126 local agencies and more that 2000 volunteers helped to make this walk and the eleven conferences along the way, a huge success for the Wellbriety Movement.

We have seen thousands of Native Americans who are sober and who are carrying the theme of Wellbriety into their lives and communities. Hear the spiritual energy of what our own Native people are saying about the Wellbriety Movement. A very inspirational video.

It is an excellent introduction to the Medicine Wheel and 12 Step, for Firestarter facilitators, and for events that take place during the Native American Wellbriety (Recovery) Month in September of each year.

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