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The Wellbriety Store

The Wellbriety Store

Official distributor of Wellbriety products.

The Wellbriety Store continues to develop and distribute culturally-based recovery products that are geared towards prevention, recovery, treatment, leadership, and community development. All the products are based on the Natural Laws, Principles and Values taught to us by our Elders.

The Wellbriety Store works in harmony with the Wellbriety Training Institute to distribute training materials and other supporting materials for successful implementation of Wellbriety programs.

The Wellbriety Store will be expanding our product line. Each month, we will announce a Wellbriety Book of the Month by Native authors and authors who are familiar with Native approaches to healing.

We also have a special interest in helping our Native relatives who are incarcerated, especially our Native women. Some of the proceeds from products will go to help our incarcerated relatives get access to these materials for healing.

Many of the products in this catalog, as well as those being developed, have been created in response to requests from individuals, organizations, and communities who are working to bring sobriety, Wellbriety, and wellness into their communities. Therefore, we are always updating and creating new materials and tools for the Wellbriety store. We welcome any ideas and suggestions for the future.

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