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Crazy Wolf: A Half-Breed Story

Crazy Wolf: A Half-Breed Story


Crazy Wolf: A Half-Breed Story by John Spence

John Spence takes you on a journey of deep compassion, sadness, hope and joy as he paints a vivid picture of the lasting impacts of historical and intergenerational trauma, healing and wisdom. Through his personal mantra of "Opportunity, Effort and Ability," we recognize his strong instinct and feel his desire to be a better human being, to be of service to others and to seek and manifest social justice. Every Native parent, schoolteacher, social worker, public health professional, tribal council member, urban Natives and anyone wishing to be trauma and healing informed should read John's story. John has been a mentor and hero of mine for decades and now even more after reading his powerful and heartfelt memoir. Crazy Wolf is a natural leader and his teachings will continue on through Crazy Wolf: A Half-Breed Story. Jillene Joseph (A'aniiih), founder and Executive Director, Native Wellness Institute.

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