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Daughters of Tradition II Workbook

Daughters of Tradition II Workbook


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Adolescent Native women (13-17).
The primary theme of the DOT II program is “developing an identity as a Native American/Alaska Native woman.” The participant manual supports the young women as they review videos and concepts that help them identify what it means to be a Native woman. The manual provides resources, including mind maps, to assist young women to learn the value of traditions and culture as a means of preventing unhealthy behaviors in young women, and proving opportunities for them to live healthy and sober lives. The manual includes resources for the following objectives: Learn how cultural traditions and ceremonies can provide a framework for healthy lifestyles for youth; effectively communicate using Talking Circles; understand how the various aspects of respect can provide them with a set of values for living; Eight Thought Patterns and the Eight Feeling Patterns provide guidelines for healthy life choices and for addressing challenges. 89 pps.

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