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Sons of Tradition Workbook

Sons of Tradition Workbook


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Audience: Adolescent boys (age 13-17).

Description: The manual accompanies the Sons of Tradition training program. It includes the principles and teachings of the Elders that provide a solid foundation for understanding what it means to be a Native American person. And, it also helps youth to explore and appreciate the cultural and ceremonial aspects of their community. Topics include: the Four Laws of Change, Culture is Prevention, Teachings of the Medicine Wheel, The Cycle of Life and its impact on choices and decisions. There is also material on Intergenerational Trauma, and how to use Self Talk to make changes in your life.. Participants also learn to use the Talking Circle is a resource for prevention and healing. The program addresses issues around relationships, Seven Philosophies, preventing suicide, pregnancy, and learning to use conflict for good. The manual provides concepts and mind maps for analyzing what was seen in the videos for the training. 25 pps

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