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The Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps Workbook (Women)

The Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps Workbook (Women)


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This workbook is for women who choose to follow the twelve-step program.
The Medicine Wheel and the Twelve Steps program were given to us by the Creator and Elders to
over-come our worst enemy ever: Addiction. It is said that those of us who are affected by this disease are the very ones who must carry and nurture this healing process if we are to survive as spiritual people. The Elders and the prophecies give us a little time to stop this escalating cycle before it is too late. We envision our brothers and sisters awakening to sobriety, listening to the Elders, and being role models to the next generation: Coming back to dance, drum, and take care of the Elders.
Topics in the workbook are The Talking Circle, Teachings of the Medicine Wheel, Growing up as an Indigenous Woman, The Two Thought Systems, Reclaiming Your Power, Being A Positive Influence, Overview of the Twelve Steps, The Twelve Steps in a Circle, and work pages for each of the Twelve Steps. This program was designated as a Promising Practice in 1999. 92 pps.

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