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Understanding the Purpose of Life Workbook

Understanding the Purpose of Life Workbook


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Native Americans of any age, but especially for youth.
The Elder's wisdom forms the basis of this workbook. It is a companion to the book of the same title. Young people are warriors-in-training. Our communities form a forest when all the trees in the forest are healthy, we are living in a Healing Forest. However, no one is helping young people how to find their purpose and to identify the meaning in life. They are not taught how to live in harmony. This workbook provides opportunities to reflect on the topics in the book and in the videos. Each chapter provides a different topic that needs to be addressed. Four major themes are presented: Prayer, Purpose, Perseverance, and Passion. In addition, there are other topics that help someone struggling to make sense of life, an idea of what to explore, such as choice, drive, gifts, signs, mind changers, character, elders, the Natural Order, friends, and service to others. There are instructions for using mind maps and for applying affirmations. Finally, the workbook provides the Secrets of the Four Directions. 83 ps.

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