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Fathers of Tradition Workbook

Fathers of Tradition Workbook


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Native American adult and young adult men.
Fathers of Tradition is a culturally oriented educational program that develops the fathering skills of Native American men. Life skills are embedded in each of the sessions. Ceremonial activities such as sweat lodge and smudging, drumming, and practices Teachings of the Elders provide the foundation for the curriculum. The workbook provides concepts and mind mapping tools to support the training program. Specific processes that are included in this program are talking circles, mind mapping, mentoring, experiential learning, traditional storytelling, and cultural practices. Service-learning and mentoring are also an important part of the Fathers of Tradition. The men work together to address issues of Native American traditional identity, what it means to be a Native American man and the role of fatherhood in Native communities. The workbook also includes the 5 Promises of Fatherhood. 260 pps.

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