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Warrior Down Participant Workbook

Warrior Down Participant Workbook


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Audience: Provides a relapse prevention and recovery support program for Native Americans who are completing treatment, returning to the community from incarceration, or who have been working on their recovery journey using the traditional methods or 12 Step methods and who wish to provide support to others experiencing the same issues.

Description: Recovery is not just staying sober. It is a way of experiencing life through new eyes, new thoughts, and a new spirit. Re-establishing one’s life following treatment for alcohol or substance abuse, or following incarceration requires a community effort. Warrior down provides the support of family and community. It provides connections to important resources: for jobs, training, education, housing, transportation, mental health care or medical support, social services, spiritual and cultural support. For many Native American people, the path to healing is found through traditional cultural and spiritual practices. Healing processes might include talking circles, healing circles, and traditional ceremonies. Ceremonial activities have a distinctly spiritual focus, and the incorporation of intergenerational activities that include both elders and children in the healing process is essential for the well-being of men and women in Native communities. The Teachings of the Elders and the Clan Mothers provide wisdom and guidance. The spiritual and cultural activities, especially Talking Circles, create a social and emotional foundation for reconnecting and reestablishing a sense of belonging and identity. A variety of exercises assist participants in exploring choices, relationships, goals, achievements, thought patterns, and conflict management. 46 pps.


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